Monday, April 2, 2007


"challenging fun"--Entertainment Weekly

"Da Vinci-esque thriller"--New York Daily News

"a fun book to read"--Dallas Morning News

"Levinson spins a fascinating tale ... An intriguing premise with believable characters and attention to period detail make this an outstanding choice for most science fiction collections. Highly recommended."--Library Journal [starred review]

"Light, engaging time-travel yarn . . . neatly satisfies the circularity inherent in time travel, whose paradoxes Levinson links to Greek philosophy."--Publishers Weekly

"intricately and intriguingly woven, lots of fun, and extremely thought provoking."--Stanley Schmidt

"This is a dazzling performance. . . .History as science fiction; science fiction as history."--Barry N. Malzberg

"Paul Levinson has outdone himself: The Plot to Save Socrates is a philosophically rich gem full of big ideas and wonderful time-travel tricks." --Robert J. Sawyer

"proves that excellent entertainment can and ought to be intellectually respectable--a glorious example to us all."--Brian Stableford

"as happens with Kurt Vonnegut's Billy Pilgrim . . . . the reader soon becomes unstuck in time . . . . Levinson presents one of the most unique books I've ever encountered. A highly recommended read."--Matt St. Amand

"quick-to-read, entertaining treatment of the problems inherent in time travel with style and flair"--Booklist

"readers are sure to enjoy his take on the paradoxes of time travel"--BookPage

"Paul Levinson's new novel is both very different from anything he has done before and very satisfying. . . . This, I think, is the first of Levinson's novels to deserve to be called a tour de force. Watch for it on award ballots."--Analog: Science Fiction and Fact

"it's exciting to see a book as daring with both its ideas and its approach to narrative structure as this one hit the shelves . . . It's an absolute treat to sit back and be wrapped up in a story that gives a retro SF premise like time travel such a brilliant new kick, and it's doubly delightful to find the story as fun and entertaining as it is thought-provoking."--SF

"Paul Levinson brings both intellectual heft and affection for his delightfully depicted characters to this highly original story of time travel . . . bringing all of its threads together in an ending that is emotionally satisfying and extremely moving. The Plot to Save Socrates will provoke thought long after readers have finished the book, at which point many may want to pick it up and read it again, to savor its twists and turns."--Pamela Sargent, SFWeekly

"Fast-paced and full of plot twists."--Davis Enterprise (California)

"an elaborately-reasoned temporal tale - a novelized thought experiment whose logic and ideas Socrates would have approved of"--John Joseph Adams,

"a philosophically rich, engaging time travel story . . . a charming portrayal of Socrates"

"a fun romp through 2500 years of Western history"

"resonates with the current political climate . . . . heroine Sierra Waters is sexy as hell . . . . there's a bite to Levinson's wit"--Brian Charles Clark, Curled Up With A Good Book at

"There's a delightfully old-fashioned feel to The Plot to Save Socrates. . . . Levinson's cool, spare style reminded me of the writing of Isaac Asimov. . ."--Colin Harvey, Strange Horizons at

"I've never read anything like this before . . . The Plot to Save Socrates is highly, original, creative, and engaging. I enjoyed it from the first page."--Book.of.the.moment. at

"revels in the possibilities for paradoxes . . . . fresh and welcome. . . ."--Steven Silver's Reviews at

"frankly, he [Levinson] is one of my 'read on sight' authors . . . The Plot to Save Socrates is a tapestry of times and characters and philosophies, with an excellent look at history. . . ."--Jerry Wright, Bewildering Stories at

"A thinking person's time travel story... I felt like I was there."--John DeNardo, SF Signal

"a very intelligently written novel . . . ."--GF Willmetts, at

"Paul Levinson handles a complicated plot and a multitude of characters in a manner that can only be described as masterful. . . . I highly recommend this book, and I won't be surprised if it wins several awards."--Scott M. Sandridge, specmusicmuse

"a journey through time that’ll make you think as it thrills ... so accessible, even those generally put off by sci-fi should enjoy the trip."--Rod Lott,

"This book was a lot of fun, and surprisingly poignant at the end. (Yes, I'll admit I cried a little.) . . . I was worried this would be a fairly cold sci-fi book, where I never got to like any of the characters, but somehow by halfway through I found I really cared about them. I'm not sure how Levinson managed that . . . but somehow they all just got inside me."--Lady Amalthea,

". . . a new metaphor for the literary tradition of time travel."--Robert Blechman,

"Socrates has always seemed a rather dour and dull figure to me but Paul Levinson breathes new life into this time."--Debbie,

"an extremely engaging, entertaining story. . ."--Laurie Thayer,

"truly a thought-provoking, breathtaking, and highly entertaining novel."--Lysette Brodey,

"The Plot to Save Socrates turns on its head Plato's report of Socrates' poisoning ..." --Gerry Elman, Esq., Stanford Alumni Blog

"Doppelgangers, deception, and the sheer amount of historical reference alone make this novel magnificent, but that is not all!... Paul Levinson has created a historical text for all ages, making the plot flow like wine and pleasing to even the most hesitant of readers." --Jenna A,

"I was hooked by the second page." --Kanti Burns, Book Reviews and More

"A lively cast of historical figures populates this epoch-bending adventure, highly recommended especially for fans of alternate history novels!" --Midwest Book Review

"I was rapidly drawn into this tapestry ..." - Kath Middleton, Ignite Books 

"Cool stuff!" - Examined Worlds: Philosophy and Science Fiction 

"This single timeline approach is more elegant and more convoluted than other theories, and Levinson handles it extremely well, jumping the narrative through twenty-five hundred years without missing a beat." - Greg Hickey, Socrates, Time Travel, and Donald Trump 

In "one of my favorite novels, The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson ... the recovery of a previously unknown dialogue of Plato prompts an engaging time travel story ... " - Zachary Fruhling Blog 

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